Monday, April 09, 2007

machines with racial issues

being the first and most important point here, and also: how awesome is my new blogger identity? seriously. fear me, because i am totally psycho and don't give a shit.


Sinker said...

Before you brought this up in your comment earlier, I had been thinking about this for a while:

Seriously, WTF is up with the black doctor cylon? He's not invited to partake in the group votes when deciding things like whether or not to invade the Algae Planet or not? WHY?

I mean, we're not talking about one dude, right? We're talking about a WHOLE FUCKING LINE OF MACHINES. What, they can't spare ONE to hang out in that juice-filled control room and make some fucking decisions?

He kind of skulked around in the background on New Caprica, right? But have we seen him AT ALL since?

Seriously: Have you seen the actor doing a lot of other work? Me neither, so it's not like they're TRYING to get him in and he's too busy on a CSI offshoot or something. I mean, Lucy Fucking Lawless can find the time, I'm sure this dude can.

admiral helena cain said...

Yeah, there are a lot of issues as regards race and the cylon situation. the most obvious being, the black doctor dude is way more of a genius than, like, psycho religious guy, Leoben, or Xena the Warrior Princess cylon, now defunct. And, yeah, that's not enough to allow him a vote? Not to mention screen time?

I mean, all in all, the cylon race is made up of 40 gazillion hot blondes, 40 gazillion rad bi warrior princesses who get touched and go mental, untold numbers of the two white male crazies, seemingly only 3 black doctors, and then 40 gazillion Boomers. Which starts to sound like bad porn, and not any kind of believable utopia.

paulmdavis said...

Yeah, I've thought about this as well. I feel like this was addressed in some interview I read where it was said that dude is on some other show, but I'm not so sure about that excuse. I've never seen him anywhere else.

Maybe all the models are out on the Cylon homeworld. Maybe the Quantum Leap cylon who seems to be somewhat in charge has some serious racial issues!

Sinker said...

Yeah, that guy definitely seems like he'd have issues.

Wait--There actually IS a cylon homeworld? Have I been totally ignoring that fact all this time?


Max said...

The hybrids are just a front. It's the black dude who's driving all the Cylon ships, servicing the FTL drives, and fixing the Centurions. Every so often when Six or Boomer gets jungle fever they descend into the bowels of the ship and "get their Four on".

Now, the confusing part is that in the original Cylon constitution they decided that black Cylons are only worth 1/3 of a white Cylon's vote. Sometimes they'll organize themselves and spike the vote on things like dining hall menus, lighting fixture choices, but they've never been able to tear themselves away from their normal jobs to effect real change.

You see, there's a "house toaster" mentality that's been keeping them in line for years.

Sinker said...

Max, I'm not sure that YOU'RE not a Cylon.