Sunday, April 08, 2007

Some Observations From Watching Season 1 Again For The First Time In Years

1. I forgot that there was a point in the show when all the characters weren't drunk ALL THE TIME!

2. The "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down" episode is actually pretty funny

3. Nice breadcrumbs in the Leoben episode to be picked up two seasons later

4. Man, I am so clad the Six in Baltar's brain disappeared for the most part halfway into season two.

5. Why didn't we see the original Boomer's conversion to being a proud Cylon more? Especially when the first season was about how conflicted she was about it?

6. Who wrote "Cylon" on her mirror?

7. I forgot there was a time that Starbuck's character was rad

8. Lee's always been annoying

9. The President has always ruled

10. Doc Cottle deserved, and still does, a lot more screentime


Sinker said...

Re #10: Has anyone noticed that Cottle stopped flamboyantly smoking in season 3? I miss that.

paulmdavis said...

Yeah, the last time I saw him smoking was on New Caprica talking to Xena the Warrior Princess Cylon...though he ruled that scene enough for me to get some mileage out of it. Maybe it's time for a "Get Cottle Smoking Flamboyantly Again" petition.

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

yes! i would sign that petition.

roman mars said...

Imagine this in Bizarro World, from Wikipedia: Actor Donnelly Rhodes (Dr. Cottle) was one of those initially picked to portray the role of Colonel Saul Tigh!

Tigh would've smoked more, and when he talked he wouldn't have sounded like an old truck trying to start on cold day.