Saturday, July 07, 2007

Snubbed by the Sci-Fi network

So apparently the Sci-Fi network held a big shindig for "the online media" last week on the set of BSG and we were completely NOT invited. Probably because they knew we'd just pony up to the Joe's Bar set and demand to do shots with Fat Lee.

Anyway, it was apparently QUITE the event, or so says Media Blvd (a site with not one but TWO embarrassingly ugly logos!). And there was even some pretty major spoilers revealed, that sound a lot like the theories we've been tossing around these parts.

So what's the nature of the final five cylons? Straight from the Chief's mouth:

Douglas revealed that the final 5 Cylons are in fact a different breed of Cylon than the human form versions that attacked the colonies. These 5 in fact are the original Cylon’s, are immortal, and are the Cylon Gods.



Apparently the sequence involves a sort of mini-rebellion with Cylon centurions gaining intelligence and rebelling against their human masters.

I would rather be in the midst of a Cylon mini-rebellion than have to deal with my son's refusals to go to sleep anymore tonight.