Monday, November 12, 2007

OMG Razor!

The good news: The two-hour BSG backstory movie airs November 24th

The better news: We're watching it 12 days early...tonight

The not so good news: Season four has been postponed to April due to the writer's strike, and SciFi in their infinite wisdom (and desire to not let a cash cow leave them too quickly) may not air the second half of the season until 2009.


Time to get this blog going again folks...


Sinker said...

That show was so foaming-at-the-mouth insane I can hardly stand it:

1) Lesbian Cain!
2) Old-school cylons!
3) The set from Alien 3!
4) A non-fat Lee who's almost effective!

Max said...

5) William S. Burroughs in a big Cylon tub of precognition!
6) Hot Hong Kong Australian suicide bomber!
7) Humiliation. Fear. Shame. Degradation - by YOUR command, baby!