Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Glowing Spinal-Column Cylon Sex

I am going back and starting BSG from the very beginning (the mini-series) to help allay the inevitable withdrawal of the one year wait till season 4. A few observations:

1. I forgot how cool it was that, when the space station explodes in the opening sequence, a piece of the debris smacks right into the camera and knocks it spinning.

2. Whoah, Caprica 6 totally killed a baby!

and most importantly,

3. Cylon's spinal columns visibly glow when they have sex! This seems like a major security risk: I guess Cylons must always insist on doing it sitting on top, facing their partner -- since even one simple session of doggy-style would reveal their secret? "Whoah, baby -- your spinal column is glowing right through your skin, um, what's the deal with that?"


Paul M. Davis said...

1. Yes, very, very cool. Established the whole handheld-camera, verite atmosphere quite well.

2. Yes! She seemed pretty damned evil at first.

3. Whatever happened to this? I haven't seen glowing spinal columns in a long time!

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

yeah, i'm really stuck on caprica 6's personality change, from rampant mindless babykiller to a human-lover. did she get hit on the head somewhere in season two? because sometimes that can cause it.

Sinker said...

I think it was an aborted firmware upgrade. You've ALWAYS got to let them install completely. You never know what could go wrong if you don't.

Dipshit McGee said...

Imagine how good that glowing spine would look on the shirtless back of Col. Tigh or Dean Stockwell.

(Actually this seems to be the only evidence so far that Starbuck is NOT the last Cylon -- as she has, so far, frakked Apollo's brother Zak, Apollo himself, her husband whathisname, even Balthar -- and, it is implied, Gods-knows-how many other 1-night-stands in the fleet, but NONE of them ever noticed her spine glowing?

Come on. That's just unrealistic.

Sinker said...

I went through a silent period actually thinking that Starbuck was a cylon BECAUSE of how much sex she was having. But I'm pretty sure there were a few camera angles that showed her back while having sex and it was not aglow.

But really, you think Baltar would tell?

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

people. i think it is time to consider that perhaps our loverly writers simply forgot that the glowing spinal column was a part of cylosex and that's why it stopped happening. also apparently they forgot that cylons kill babies, and possibly somewhere later in season three they forgot that cylons are supposed to have any negative qualities whatsoever. soon they might forget they are supposed to write about cylons at all, and eventually characters, and the show will devolve into a constant rotation of 8-minute slow-mo musical montages fading between The Old Man's Shaved-off Mustache and an Abandoned Tighpatch. There won't be a lotta fight scenes leftover, but they can probably work in some sexual tension still.

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

also, might i just commend dan on his decision to keep quiet on his starbuck concerns? i'm quite sure that woulda ruined our working relationship.

Sinker said...

You raise a good point, Anne. At what point did the Cylons go from being a threat to being annoying, touchy-feely, infighting whiners?

Dipshit McGee said...

Anne: "...and possibly somewhere later in season 3 they forgot that cylons are supposed to have any negative qualities whatseover" cracked me up.

Sinker: Cylons numbers 6, number whatever-number-Boomer-is, and number Xena were maybe emotionally "corrupted" by their exposure to human love in their attemopt to interbreed with the human genetic pool?

Cylons numbers Black Guy through Leoben, Dean Stockwell, and PR Man still seem devoted to the destruction of the human race, though we hardly ever see them. I miss evil Cylons!

Speaking of which, has anyone has ever released a clear listing of which Cylons are numbered what? Podcast? Fan site? Anyone?

Max said...

Dipshit McGee said...

Thank you Max. So only numbers 3, 5, 6, and 8 are identified by number then. Interesting that Boomer is a number 8, even though apparently the Seven only know the identities of seven of themselves.

Now I want to know the number disignations of the other models! (Why? Because... it's important?)

Sinker said...

14, 23, and 27381

Just because they evolved doesn't mean they nailed it each time.