Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'm wondering about cylon reproductivity and I look to you wisened ones for answers.

OK, we already know that they can be born again through their jelly infused hot tub of sorts. OK, we also know that both genders can reproduce the old fashioned way con womb y sperm as examplified by boomer and chief.

so, if cylons evolved separately from humans (different flesh and blood types), then WHY does their frakking plan seem to be to create a new hybrid generation with human dna? I mean if the cylons are so bloody better than humans and they have their own cancer curing blood, why human it up? you know?

Or do you think that we are not so biologically different and maybe they need our stuff to be who they are?

what the frakk?


Paul M. Davis said...

Strange. I was just trying to explain this to Daria last night, and then realized that I couldn't. Makes no sense to me!

Sinker said...

Well, here's my one thought, based on nothing from the show, but it seems like a logical explanation:

When the cylons "evolved" the plan was to go the good old sperm & egg route--I mean, really why else design machines with sperm and eggs, right? But obviously, something went wrong--some kind of recurrent gene (or, I guess, since they're machines, bug) that made it so that cylon sperm & cylon egg didn't make workable cylon kids.

So, new plan: destroy millions of humans and chase down the rest, kill as many of those as you can, but also create a few human/cylon babies, go after them when they're stolen from you, and never give them up--unless they're cranky because they're constipated.

Good plan, right?

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

i want to know why you are interested in this topic. are you considering alternative options for a Roosevelt II? because that might affect my answer.

roman mars said...

Genetic diversity is often considered a benefit to the species. Sexual recombination and gene flow are primary sources of variation. The heterogeneity guards against total population annihilation if say, a cylon specific viral infection probe is discovered. (BTW, have we gone back and checked the tapes if "the four" were ever near that thing? I predict a continuity error!)

So sexual reproduction is great for dealing with the "what-ifs" of life. However, clonal propagation is very efficient if the species has settled into an adaptive peak, and transversing a valley of chaotic genetic variation that is likely very maladaptive is a tricky thing. Many species don't make the transition (or evolve a mixed method of both selfing and crossing--like most plants).

Since the toasters are sentient, their considerable will can presumably overcome the period of increased mutation and death if they are cognizant of the adaptive gain that will be the result of reaching the noble goal of meiosis. What I can't figure out is why such variation and new "models" can't be created in vitro. We already know that personal experience causes variation in the cylon "soul" (e.g. the divergent loyalties and personalities of Boomer and Athena) so why not create similar variation in form and complete the evolutionary picture?

Another aspect to consider is the psychological. Cylons were created by man (I guess this still is true) to WANT to reproduce--maybe so they'd easily consent to mad scientist three way action--but they were not given the inner parts to make the conception magic happen ("I'm not that baby's daddy!"). So this whole escapade is about fulfilling a biological imperative thrust upon them by the ancient, lascivious human patriarchy (who I'm guessing were Greek and smelled of lamb).

roman mars said...

Dropped a little too much Sci in the SciFi.

Paul M. Davis said...

They need (groans) **LOVE** to procreate, of course!