Monday, April 16, 2007

WHAT THE FRAKK??? I'm FINALLY on New Blogger!

Hey Folks,

Apparently, Google's finally given me the "nod" and I've just updated this blog to "new blogger." So I'm going to have to re-reinvite everyone, I guess. They make this easy, huh? Who needs what?


Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

. . . And because of it, I’d like to take the opportunity to publicly mourn the loss of Admiral Helena Cain for a second time.

If you are unfamiliar with her legacy, you may be surprised to discover that, in addition to being a frequent What The Frakk? poster, ms. Cain was the commander of the Battlestar Pegasus, a Mercury Class Battlestar assigned to Battlestar Group 62 of the Colonial Fleet. Thought to have been destroyed during the attack on the colonies, Pegasus escaped under Cain’s command, and encountered the Battlestar Galactica and the last survivors of the Twelve Colonies around six months after the escape from Ragnar Anchorage. Before the fall of the Twelve Colonies, the Pegasus had docked at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards where it was due for a three-month overhaul. Many of the ship’s systems were offline, including the Command Navigation Program that the Cylons used to disable Colonial defences during their attack. The Cylons' opening wave hit the shipyard with several nuclear warheads, destroying five ships, including two Battlestars. The Pegasus lost over 700 crew members under Cain’s command but survived the attack by performing a blind FTL jump, a jump in which the ship's FTL drive was activated without inputting any coordinates. This blind jump resulted in the ship escaping immediate destruction, but risked the Battlestar's possible reappearance inside a star or planetary atmosphere at the end of the jump.

As a result of the Cylons' devastating attack on the Twelve Colonies, Admiral Cain became increasingly iron-fisted—some called her a “tyrant.” Pegasus's Executive Officer, Colonel Jack Fisk, once told his Galactica counterpart, Colonel Tigh, of an incident in which Admiral Cain shot the original XO in the head in front of the entire crew for refusing to implement her order to attack a heavily-defended Cylon base. Although reputed to be a joke, Tigh remained uncertain for the length of his acquaintance with Cain and grew increasingly uneasy in her presence.

It was later revealed that Pegasus had acquired a small civilian fleet, which Cain cannibalized for spare parts. She forced civilians to join her crew at gunpoint, which led to two families being murdered under Cain's orders. Eventually, she abandoned the fifteen-ship fleet to fend for itself, without any FTL drives. Her actions caused great debate in the military and television viewing communities.

Admiral Helena Cain was eventually killed by a Cylon, a Number Six model. Her incendiary and divisive leadership skills and cool head under duress will be mourned by many.

Sinker said...

You know the thing that would be hardest about being Michelle Forbes (actress that played Cain)? Having to have the same haircut for two decades. Seriously, she was rocking the romulan haircut back on Star Treck: The Next Generation, somehow kept it up through her stint as Chief Medical Examiner on Homicide: Life on the Streets, and then returned with the same damn haircut, just longer, on BSG. Would it KILL her to try something new?

Paul M. Davis said...

She's coming back though. This fall, two-hour Battlestar Pegasus TV movie. So she may be dead, but at least we get two more hours of Abu Ghraib in space!

By the way, the redesign is just bowling me over with it's web 2.0-y-ness! Where's my new invite so I can log in with my existed Google account, Dr. Sinker?

Sinker said...

sent an invite to your punkplanet account. Should it go somewhere else?

Janice said...

I can finally log on with one of my two identities and publicly mourn the loss of Admiral Cain as well. scary as hell, yet totally ass-frakking awesome in addition to being super cute (even with her played out but still works for her haircut). What the frakking frakk, though? I thought she was back. Maybe she is just getting her hair restyled right now and will return to us. We need her g-u-t-s and savagery!

Paul M. Davis said... access to the PP account 'til tonight. I'll be back in the game then!

Sinker said...

Janice raises a good point that Michelle Forbes hair may be TOTALLy played out, but really does still work for her. I mean, even though it's the same haircut every time, she makes it feel fresh and new. So good for her.

Paul M. Davis said...

Captain Paul M. Davis reporting for duty, sirs.