Monday, April 09, 2007

Cylon history 101

As per the "cylon homeworld" mentioned in the previous posts's comments. I'm realizing that I'm a bit foggy on the history of cylons. Here's what I know:

I know that the cylons were created by man.

I know that they evolved

I know that they have a plan

BUT I'm not exactly sure of things like:

OK, man created 12 cylons?

Or did man just create those big metal ones from the first series and then THEY evolved and created the 12? Or were there 5 (the final five?) and then THEY created 12?

And those 12 were originals? Then they replicated themselves?

And when, exactly, did the cylons decided to set up a homeworld?

And the kind-of-human things lubed up at the center of a Cylon baseship? Those AREN'T cylons? They're just baseship brains? They were created by who exactly? And can you build a ship without them?

Oh, and the Raiders are not driven by the big metal robots, but instead are... sentient? They were grown? Or something?

OK, and all of this has happened only in the last 40 years?


roman mars said...

Stop hurting my brain, you dick.

Max said...

The Jews wandered the desert and became a new nation in 40 years, the Cylons can certainly build a better robot in that time.

Happy frakkin' Passover.

paulmdavis said...

I'm not buying any of it. The lead credits claim the cylons were created by man, but what if that man...was a final five cylon? I think they go back way further than that.

Seriously: 12 colonies. 12 human Gods. 12 cylon models. Coincidence? I think not.

40 years my ass! Someone is lying here, and I think it may be those frakking opening credits.

roman mars said...

A few things are clear: If you are a freedom fighter, a socialist, a woman of color, or a pro-feminist male you're a cylon.

And, it's OK to be a fascist when times are tough.

Man, this show is evil.

Sinker said...

Also, if you were on a cult science-fiction show from the late 80s, there's a good chance you're a cylon too.

Sinker said...


Re: the 12 colonies, 12 human gods, 12 cylon models...

Where was it that we first found out there were 12 cylon models? For some reason I have it in my head that humans made 12 cylons, one for each colony. But I think tha'ts totally wrong, right?

paulmdavis said...

My understanding is that the 12 cylons have nothing to do with what humans created...humans created the "toaster" ones. They had no idea until the attack that they had become to look like humans.

We found out in the miniseries that there were 12 models...the Six told Baltar and it is implied that he left the note in Adama's quarters at the end...still I don't think the humans were aware of 12 models prior to that.I think they were only aware of the one robot-looking model.

admiral helena cain said...

also, i'd like to forward that whatever their "plan" is, it doesn't seem to be working very well.

Ella said...

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