Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hello, frakkers.

It's me, DMcG, aka Anne's mythical friend. I can now verify that I am real and I am not (like some posters on this blog I could name) a figment of DrAEM's imagination. I am very computer illiterate, but having finally negotiated the intricacies of the sign-up process (which I assume would be child's play to, say, an actual child -- since, I am told, 5-year-olds now know how to work these things) I am now in a position to hopefully prove I am not a "Todd6" in anyone's mind.

I wish to make it clear, however, that I did not write the 15-posts-in-one non-easily-digestible entry below as an intentional attempt to destroy the readability of your blog. DrAEM took that from an email and posted it herself; I was a bit embarassed as it kind of makes me look like a dork. In case you were wondering why anyone would write an email so ludicrously long-winded or whether I have way too much free time or what, the answer is that such emails are only one of a vast repetoire of procrastination techniques I (entirely dysfunctionally) rely on daily to avoid actual responsibilities, and my capacity for such avoidance is evidently Herculean, if the last two decades or so of my life are any indication.

Anyway, thank you sinker for inviting me in to post official posts for actually real. Now that all that is out of the way, I promise my subsequent posts will be more to the point.

My first official post is this: the Final Cylon is a cat named THURBER, sent to Earth to spy on humanity in prep for the coming invasion.


Paul M. Davis said...

Welcome to the quorum, DMcG

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

Sorry I made you look like a dork, that was far from my actual intention.

which, by the way, is simply to create and foster a space for all of us to actually BE dorks.

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

also? by the way? hello? if thurber's a cylon they can take over all they want.

Dipshit McGee said...

You say that now, but when Thurber straps you to into a mechanical sci-fi chair thing and begins harvesting your eggs, you will be singing a different tune, lady.

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

YOU say that now, but if you'd ever been strapped to anything by thurber, you totally would know that cat cylons takeover is where it's at, awesome-wise.

oh, but let's not fight anymore. or better yet: let's fight about who's better, fat lee or bad lawyer lee?

Sinker said...

And so it all comes full circle.

This has happened before and will happen again.