Saturday, April 07, 2007

choose your lee

If I had to be trapped in a raptor with a broken FTL drive for a few hours with Fat Lee or Total Douchebag Lawyer Lee, I would choose Fat Lee every time.


paulmdavis said...

Agreed, though the best option would be to have NO Lee in the raptor!

Sinker said...

Clearly then, the correct thing to do is to order Lee to be IN the Raptor. Then you're guaranteed a Lee-free ride, because he NEVER does what he's ordered to do.

Dr. Anne Elizabeth Moore said...

fat lee pros: more of him to eat if, you know, it came to that
fat lee cons: whiny, self-absorbed bitch
TDL lee pros: probably easy to beat at poker
TDL lee cons: whiny, self-righteous bitch; i don't play poker anyway.

fat lee it is.

Janice Dillard said...

you know that fat lee travels with ho hos, so natch, fat lee.

roman mars said...

Who are you kidding, Fat Lee would eat you! You're better off with TDL Lee. You'll want to kill yourself, but at least the choice will be yours and yours alone.

paulmdavis said...

I dunno, the possibility of ho-hos might make it worth the risk of being eaten by, or even just talked to, by Lee.

Maybe if he launched another mutiny he'd be interesting again!