Monday, April 16, 2007

Exciting Battlestar Icon News!

I was reading a discussion between icon designers yesterday, and recognized a few of the elements in one of the dude's designs. And I realized: WHOA! Those are BSG icons! For your computer! And they're free!

And wouldn't you know? There are THREE VOLUMES of icons!

volume one!

volume two!!

volume three!!!

So yeah, if you've ever wanted to have your VERY OWN Kara Thrace dogtags, now you can. Well, virtually!


Paul M. Davis said...

The remarkable thing is just how well-designed they are. I'm not sure if I can take it to that level...maybe on my work computer?

Sinker said...

Not only are they well done, they're so damn random! Like who's sitting around going, "You know what I wish I had? I wish I had an icon that looked like a Pyramid ball!

Paul M. Davis said...

The Olympic Carrier one is the most random of the bunch, and perhaps the most awesome, as I do not completely grasp what scene/event in the series it is referring to...other than that there was a ship named the Olympic Carrier, and their paper has the corners cut off.

Oh yeah, and they still use dot matrix printers. How rad is that!

Sinker said...

Yeah, the details they've drum up for those icons are amazing.

OK, but you've raised an interesting point which means NEW POST!!

Sinker said...

Holy shit: In the Third set of icons, one of the icons is TAIGH'S EYEPATCH!!

Nothing says "backup drive" like that!